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Halloween With Fluffy

October 15, 2021

Halloween is just a few weeks away. The foliage and crisp air are absolutely gorgeous at this time of year. Of course, the autumn holiday does present some specific dangers for people owned by cats to be aware of. Read on as a local Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on spending Halloween with your feline buddy.


Kitties definitely have a knack for getting into trouble. We always recommend keeping your feline pal inside, but this is especially important around Halloween. As soon as Fluffy sets her cute little paws outside, she’s exposed to some very serious threats. Cars, weather, toxins, wild animals, parasites are just a few of the things that pose a threat to cats. Toxins, such as antifreeze, lawn and garden chemicals, rodenticides, and even certain mushrooms, are also dangerous for your cute furball. Black cats are especially at risk, due to those old wives’ tales linking them to witches and witchcraft. 


Many people like to decorate their homes for autumn. Your sleepy pet probably won’t mind having a super soft seasonal throw blanket to curl up on! Just keep your kitty in mind as you are putting out seasonal items. Put those pumpkin-scented candles in high, secure spots, and put anything with dangling ropes or cords in spots Fluffy can’t reach. You’ll also want to be careful with anything small or sharp. Plastic wrappings are another concern. Many cats love the taste or texture of plastic, but it’s unfortunately a serious choking hazard for them. Ask your vet for petproofing advice.

Photo Shoots

Our feline friends are always cute. This is a great time to snap some pictures of your furball! Make a little seasonal ‘set’ featuring some pumpkins or other décor. And while we don’t recommend putting a costume on Fluffy, you might be able to balance a witch hat on her for long enough to take a picture. Just stick with items that are safe, and don’t leave your furry model ‘on set’ unattended. 

Comfy Beds

Did you know that cats sleep even more than usual when it’s cold and/ or dreary out! Make sure Fluffy has plenty of warm beds to curl up in. Kitties also make great cuddle buddies for autumn movie marathon nights. 

Happy Halloween! Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Burlington, ON animal clinic, we are here for you!

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