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Client Care Specialist

Alexandra picked out her first puppy when she was only three years old, and spent much of her spare time growing up researching everything she could find about animal health, nutrition, and healthcare. She’s been fascinated by veterinary medicine all her life! The older she got, the more she knew that she was destined to help animals professionally. Alexandra is now a proud member of Aldershot Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Alexandra grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, and attended summer camp at the local SPCA, even volunteering to provide support in the kennel as she got a little older. 

After working in a barn during high school, she took a job at a pet hotel in Stoney Creek, Ontario to further her experience in the world of animal care. Next, Alexandra decided to dive headfirst into the veterinary world and started volunteering at a few local clinics. When a positioned opened here at Aldershot Animal Hospital, she jumped at her chance! Alexandra has been a member of the clinic family since January of 2019.

Medically, Alexandra is interested in pet nutrition and loves to recommend great food products to the area’s pet owners. She’s also fond of dentistry work. Most of all, she loves to meet and greet the pets and animal parents of the area every single day.

Alexandra’s interests away from work include hiking, camping, and spending time with her own pets. She and her boyfriend, Nick, share their lives with four animal companions: Winnie, a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix who would spend all day on Alexandra’s lap if she could; a Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix named Lucy who is always ready for an adventure; Luna, a rescued cat who serves as the “mama” of the house; and a rescued cat named Moose who always finds ways to drive her sisters crazy.



Veterinary Assistant

Sarah always had a dog as a child and loved to go on visits to the local veterinarian’s office with him. As she got a little older, her passion for biology and anatomy started to grow. Pairing her natural affinity with animals and her interests in science and medicine left one obvious choice of career: veterinary medicine. Sarah hasn’t looked back since! She’s a Veterinary Assistant and Customer Service Representative here at Aldershot Animal Hospital.

Sarah is a native of Burlington and was still in high school when she first began volunteering at a local pet clinic. She started at the University of Guelph to study animal biology, further cementing her passion for the world of pet care, and joined the team here at Aldershot Animal Hospital to gain real-world experience during her summers off. She’s been a member of the team ever since!

Around the hospital, Sarah enjoys seeing adorable pets during their routine visits, and she’s also fond of performing and examining X-ray scans. In the future, she hopes to continue her education and even hopes to attend veterinary school.

Sarah’s interests away from work include camping and hiking in the great outdoors. At home, she has one pet: a mini lop rabbit named Pepper who is very sassy but is always ready for a cuddle session.

Lindsay “Frankie”

Lindsay “Frankie”

Registered Veterinary Technician

Lindsay has been around animals since she was a young child; she fondly recalls her grandmother who worked as a manager at a pet food store. She enjoyed seeing her grandmother interact with pet owners and educating them, and knew that was something she could see herself doing in the future. Now she’s a registered veterinary technician at Aldershot Animal Hospital and loving it!

After years of schooling at Seneca College and Algonquin College, and training at various vet clinics, Lindsay was able to equip herself with the knowledge and experience to help animals and their owners the same way her grandmother was. Besides the client education aspect of the job, Lindsay enjoys working with senior dogs and cats. She looks forward to making their visits as relaxing and stress-free as possible. She also likes being around her current staff at the animal hospital, as they all compliment each other very well.

Even when she’s not busy tending to animals at the hospital, Lindsay has plenty of pets at home that keep her occupied. She has a cockapoo named Wrigley Banks, a cocker spaniel named Maisie Smalls, an orange tabby named Hamlet and a tabby-torti named Ophelia.

Whenever Lindsay has some free time to herself, you can catch her outside. Whether she’s playing at the park with her son, hiking with her dogs, canoeing on the water, or just enjoying a nice breeze on her hammock, she absolutely loves being outdoors!



Registered Veterinary Technician

When some close colleagues/friends of hers opened up a new animal hospital, Mandi found herself willing and ready to help. As a registered veterinary technician at Aldershot Animal Hospital, Mandi is not only able to work with people she enjoys, she’s also able to help save the lives of animals who walk into the clinic on a daily basis!

Mandi absolutely loves having a job where every day is different and unexpected. She enjoys being the voice of animals, as it’s one of the main reasons why she entered the field.

After graduating Algonquin College, Mandi was offered a full time position as a registered veterinary technician out west. She eventually returned back to Ontario and was able to land the same position in Burlington.

While she doesn’t have any pets right now, Mandi is definitely open to the possibility of welcoming a dog (preferably a Labrador retriever). She enjoys spending her free time hanging out at the cottage, camping and playing hockey with her friends and family.

“One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.”

 – Pam Brown