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Seasonal Dog Walking Tips

November 1, 2021

Fall is well underway, and winter isn’t very far behind. Those of you who have dogs will likely find themselves walking your four-legged friends after dark quite a bit over the next few months. You’ll also be dealing with cold, slippery conditions. Read on for a few tips from a local Burlington, ON veterinarian on walking your canine companion when it’s cold out.

Get Good Footwear

Walking in snow and ice can be pretty dangerous. It’s very easy to slip on a slick surface. Wear boots or sneakers with good tread.

Choose The Right Gear

Dedicate a jacket to walking your pooch. You’ll want to keep necessities like gloves, waste baggies, spare keys, and personal protection in the pockets. That way, you’ll only have to grab one thing as you’re headed out the door.

Get A Mat

Putting a thick rug or bath mat outside the door you and Fido go in and out of. This will help your furry friend clean his paws off a bit, so he doesn’t track as much mud or snow inside. You may even be able to teach Fido to wipe his paws!

Bring A Flashlight

Always bring a flashlight with you at night, even if you live in a very well-lit area. You can actually get leashes with flashlights built in, or get attachments you can clip to your dog’s leash.

Watch The Terrain

Snow and ice can hide things like manholes, broken glass, and other obstacles. If you’re in wooded areas, you’ll also have a harder time spotting holes and roots. Pay attention to the ground!

Use Reflective Gear

Dogs can be hard for drivers to spot, especially at night. Get Fido a reflective leash and/or harness. Some even have LED lights. You’ll also want to wear something light or reflective yourself.

Protect Fido’s Paws

Sand, salt, ice, and chemical de-icing agents can all be rough on Fido’s paws. And, as you can imagine, getting more salt and sand into an abrasion isn’t very pleasant for your pup. Some dogs appreciate having booties to wear, but others just don’t care for fancy footwear. If your furry pal doesn’t like anything on his feet, use paw balm and wax on his paw pads. We also recommend choosing pet-safe de-icing products.

As your Burlington, ON animal clinic, we are here to help! Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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