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Fall Care For Bunnies

September 1, 2022
Summer is winding down, and the official start of fall is just a few weeks away. Every season has its own hazards and concerns for pet owners. That includes rabbits! A local Burlington, ON vet offers some fall care tips for Floppy below.

Keep Floppy In

Bunnies should live inside, with the rest of the family. Floppy will get very cold in an outdoor hutch! Many people think that because wild rabbits can get through winter, the cold doesn’t bother them. However, wild rabbits live in burrows, where the temperature remains stable year round. If your fuzzy pal’s hutch is outdoors, add extra bedding and insulate her water bottles. Microwaveable heating pads can also be very helpful. We also recommend having at least two bunnies, so they can keep each other company and snuggle up for warmth.


Floppy may sleep more than usual when it gets damp and dreary, but it’s important for her to stay active. Provide plenty of toys, and take a few minutes to play with your rabbit every day.


Be ready for your furry friend to basically explode! Brushing Floppy daily can help prevent hairballs, which can be deadly for bunnies. Your little buddy may also benefit from taking a preventative product. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Many popular seasonal plants are toxic to bunnies. These include oak trees and acorns, chrysanthemums, and marigolds. You can download a full list from the House Rabbit Society here.

Outside Dangers

This weather may sound like a perfect time to let Floppy play outside for a while, but you’ll need to be very careful with this. Fallen leaves can harbor mold and mildew. Fleas and ticks also love to burrow beneath them. Your cute pet could also pick up raccoon roundworm, which is very dangerous to bunnies. Plus, rabbits are at risk from predators: even in fenced yards, as they are tempting targets to predatory birds. Bunnies also get scared very easily. Even seeing a dog or cat can literally scare them to death!

Photo Sessions

Autumn can be a great time to get some super cute pictures of your little buddy. Snap Floppy’s picture next to some safe seasonal props, such as pumpkins or apples. You can also add some seasonal decorations to her cage. Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Burlington, ON animal clinic, today!

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