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Things To Consider When Shopping For Fido

August 15, 2022
Does your canine buddy get excited when you come home with a new toy for him? Dogs are super cute when they are bouncy and cheerful. While our four-legged pals may be pretty unanimous about their love for things like toys, treats, and comfy beds, these things are definitely not one-size-fits-all. In this article, a Burlington, ON vet lists some things to consider when shopping for Fido.


Age is one crucial thing to look at. A puppy is going to have very different nutritional needs than an older dog. Little Fido is also a chewing machine, and will need plenty of things to gnaw upon, while an older pooch may want a soft comfort toy.


Your furry friend’s size is another thing to consider. Large dogs can hurt themselves on products made for small ones, and vice versa. This even applies to mechanical ball launchers. Be sure to choose one that uses balls that are the appropriate size for Fido. Otherwise, he could choke!


Get into the habit of checking tags and labels before bringing things home for your canine companion. Ideally, you want things that were made from natural materials. Many manufacturers use chemicals in pet products.


Manufacturing location is also something to think about. Not all countries have particularly strict quality control laws.


Not all toys are suitable for every dog. If your four-legged friend has aggressive tendencies, for instance, you’ll want to avoid getting rope toys, as this can bring out those tendencies in your furry pal.

Fido’s Play Habits

Does your canine pal go for squeakers? Supervise him pretty carefully with these toys. Some dogs are very, very good at extracting those squeaky bits. Unfortunately, those small parts can be choking hazards for playful pets. Rope toys can also be dangerous, especially for heavy chewers. If Fido were to ingest any long threads or strings, he could end up with life-threatening internal injuries! Ask your vet for specific toy recommendations


Why not have some seasonal fun with your pup? As Halloween approaches, pick up a mummy or vampire toy. When Thanksgiving arrives, get Fido a turkey. This is also a cute way to include your pooch in seasonal themes and decorations. Do you have questions or concerns about your furry buddy’s health or care? Contact us, your local Burlington, ON animal clinic, today.

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