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Caring for an Aging Bunny

June 1, 2020

Is your pet rabbit aged five or older? If so, Floppy is officially a senior … even if she still acts like a youngster. A local Burlington, ON vet discusses your bunny’s retirement in this article.


Although Floppy may be a senior at five, that doesn’t mean she’s geriatric. Rabbits can live 12 years or longer, so you may still have quite a bit of time with your furry friend. You also won’t see major changes right away. You may start to notice things like greying fur, especially around the ears. Your pet may also sleep more than she once did, and may gain or lose weight.

Veterinary Care

Your fuzzy pal should come in at least once a year, starting at age one, for a full exam, including blood panels. In between appointments, pay lots of attention to Floppy, and watch for signs that she isn’t feeling well. Lethargy, diarrhea, unusual behaviors or positions, uncharacteristic vocalization, respiratory distress, and teeth grinding are a few red flags. Call your vet right away if you notice any of these warning signs.


Grooming Floppy regularly is always important. However, it’s particularly crucial now. In addition to brushing your pet regularly, you’ll need to keep her claws trimmed and clean her ears. Use this time to check for signs of illness or injury.


You may want to get a litterbox that is low to the ground, as this will be easier for your furball to get in and out of. One made for senior cats may work nicely. Add some extra hay or bedding, to make it easier for Floppy to manage.


Your cute pet may have a hard time getting traction on slippery surfaces. She may also have trouble jumping, which will put her at increased risk of falling. Set out some footstools or ottomans for Floppy, to make things a bit easier on her. Putting carpet or area rugs down in her play areas will also help.


Playing is fun for Floppy. It’s also good for her, both mentally and physically. Make sure that your pet gets lot of free time out of her cage. Also, pay lots of attention to her, and offer lots of cuddles. Bunnies never stop being adorable!

Please reach out to us, your local Burlington, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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