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6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Out Of The Tree

December 1, 2019

Are you putting up a tree this year? If you have a cat, your feline buddy will definitely take notice if you do. People with kitties may want to take a few extra precautions when decorating trees. Fluffy loves to bat at ornaments, and has taken out quite a few trees. Read on as a Burlington, ON vet offers some tips on keeping your cat out of the tree.

Anchor The Tree

We suspect that quite a few of our feline patients will try to climb trees this year. You can’t really blame Fluffy for these kitty shenanigans. After all, trees offer cats shelter, vantage points, and manicure stations in the wild. Use fishing line to secure the tree top to the wall or ceiling. This may help keep it upright.

Get A Sturdy Base

Choose a tree with a good base. A wobbly tree won’t stand much of a chance against a playful cat!

Tire Fluffy Out

Take time to play with your cat every day. This will be good for your pet for several reasons, but it will also benefit you. If Fluffy burns off her excess energy chasing after that little red dot or pouncing on a wand toy, she may be more interested in napping under the tree than in trying to climb it.

Choose The Right Spot

Picking the right place for the tree is also important. Try not to put it near furniture pieces, like couches or desks, that your kitty could use as a launching pad.

Make It Unappealing

Keep your furry pal in mind when decorating the tree. If you hang a bunch of shiny objects on the lower branches, you’re pretty much inviting Fluffy to bat at them. You’ll want to put the majority of the decorations on the top part of the tree. Keep just a few unbreakable things on the lower branches. This is also important for safety reasons: lights, tinsel, and fragile ornaments are all hazardous to cats.

Block Your Cat’s Access

Try to make it hard for your feline friend to reach the tree. A puppy gate may work, though it may not be the look you’re going for. Tree guards are another good option.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. As your Burlington, ON vet, we are here to help!

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