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Keeping Your Cat Healthy

March 1, 2019

Our feline friends like to make us think that they’re completely self-sufficient, but that isn’t exactly right. Fluffy may be an expert hunter, but she still needs good care to thrive and stay healthy. Read on as a Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on keeping your kitty healthy and purring.

Good Food

Obesity is a major epidemic among housecats. Well over half of our feline pals are, well, a bit pudgy. Those extra pounds can carry increased risks of developing many different health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. Give Fluffy a high-quality, premium kitty food. It’s very easy to overfeed a cat, so pay attention to portions. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Keeping your cat active is very important! Of course, you probably won’t have much luck getting Fluffy to run laps around the dining room. If you want to get your furball up and moving, try holding a laser pointer or wand toy. Even a few minutes of pouncing and jumping will be beneficial.


Keep your pet’s litterbox clean by scooping daily and replacing the litter weekly. No one likes a dirty bathroom!

Veterinary Care

Just like people, cats need regular medical care. We recommend that all kitties be microchipped, spayed or neutered. You’ll also want to keep up with your kitty’s exams and dental care, and make sure she is up to date with vaccines and parasite control. If you see any signs of sickness, contact your vet immediately. The sooner an issue is diagnosed and treated, the better!


As you’ve probably noticed, Fluffy is very curious, and a bit prone to getting into mischief. Taking a few precautions can really help keep your pet safe. First, we recommend keeping your cat indoors, where she isn’t exposed to the dangers posed by cars, weather, predators, and other hazards. Some petproofing is also in order. Make your home safe by removing or securing things like toxic plants; plastic bags and ties; small or sharp objects; wires and cords; chemicals; and medication.


Fluffy’s mental and emotional health also have a huge effect on her physical well-being. Keep that little motor going by offering your pet lots of toys, and paying attention to her. Time spent with kitties is never wasted!

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, today!

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