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Cute Ways To Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

February 15, 2019

Love Your Pet Day is February 20th! Of course, we think pets deserve to be loved every day. Even so, this is a great time to show your pet some extra TLC, and make them feel loved and safe. A Burlington, ON vet offers tips on celebrating Love Your Pet Day in this article.


Dogs are super cute when they know they are getting a treat or a toy! To get that cute tail wagging, buy your pooch a new plaything. Also on the list of Fido’s favorite things are snacks, especially bacon; trips to the park; belly rubs; ear scritches; long walks; comfy beds; and playtime.


It really doesn’t take much to please Fluffy. A new catnip mouse will probably activate the purr. You can spoil your furball by giving her a new bed, some kitty furniture, or a yummy treat. Empty boxes will also please your feline overlord. Another thing you can do is make your pet a comfy window seat, so she can sunbathe and spy on local wildlife.


Polly is very inquisitive and playful. New toys and/or perches will certainly brighten up your feathered friend’s day. If you want to go all-out, consider getting her a bigger cage. If your pet likes to talk or sing, take some video of her being her adorable self.

Exotics/Pocket Pets

Each type of animal has their own specific needs, so you’ll want to do some research and find out what your little buddy will appreciate. Toys and snacks are safe bets for most pets. A new hide box is a good option for pets that live in tanks, cages, or terrariums. Chew toys are a good choice for bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, mice, and Guinea pigs. Or, get your animal pal a bigger habitat!

All Pets

Pets can form very strong and special bonds with their humans, but it’s important to nurture that friendship. No matter what type of pet you have, it’s important to carve out some quality time with them regularly. Take your dog for a long walk. Or, let your animal companion doze off on your lap while you watch TV. This is also a great time to snap some cute photos of your furred, feathered, or scaled friend.

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