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Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Dog

October 15, 2023

Are you ready to welcome a canine companion into your household? Fido really completes our families, and helps turn houses into homes. However, choosing the right dog for your family can be a bit tricky. A local Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on this below.

Fido’s Age

Your canine pal’s age will have a huge impact on his care needs. Puppies are great fun, and they are, of course, absolutely adorable. However, they do need a lot of training. If you have young children, you’ll have to be vigilant about petproofing and childproofing: many children’s toys are serious choking hazards for little Fido.

Children’s Ages

Your little ones’ ages are another thing to consider. Very young children can be rough and loud: that’s just par for the course with toddlers. This can aggravate a more nervous dog. A fragile pooch, such as a Chihuahua, is also at risk of being injured accidentally though rough play. You may want to opt for a more bombproof adult, like a Boxer or Newfoundland.


While every individual has their own favorite hobbies and activities, it isn’t uncommon for families to have similar tastes. If your clan likes outdoor athletic activities, like hiking, you may want to choose a pup that can accompany you. If swimming is a favorite activity, opt for a pooch that likes the water, like a Labrador or Golden Retriever.


Kids are busier than ever these days, juggling school, friends, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. If your youngsters are at that age where their schedules are packed, it may be best to choose a dog that is fairly quiet and sedate, and won’t need as much attention or exercise as a puppy or young dog.

Living Space

Last but certainly not least, you’ll also want to figure in both your current space and your goals. If you’re renting, a large breed may not be your best bet. If you want a super active dog, it may be better to hold off until you have a yard for Fido to play in. Downsizing to a condo? A small breed may be a great match.

Fido Himself

Adopting a dog doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a breed first: there’s a lot to be said for going to a shelter and just finding that pup you connect with. Just take care to choose a dog that has been tested with children and spend some time with him first.

Do you have questions about caring for your canine buddy? Contact us, your local Burlington, ON pet hospital, today!

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