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Bonding With Ferrets

July 15, 2022
Are you considering adopting a ferret? These little guys really are lots of fun. While ferrets are very small, they do have pretty big personalities. Of course, like any other pet, they need time to settle into a new home and feel safe with their owners. Here, a Burlington, ON vet discusses bonding with a ferret.


One of the best things about ferrets is the fact that they are so playful. Use this to your advantage! Hold a toy out for your ferret to chase and play with, or roll a ball to them.

Offer A Great Setup

Your ferret will be much happier with a great cage that has all the toys, tunnels, and beddings they could want than they would be with a plain, bare cage. Do some research, and ask your vet for tips on a great setup.


Ferrets are notorious for wanting to explore and get into, well, everything. You’ll need to do some ferretproofing! Once this is done, you can let your little buddy explore their new home.

Play Music

They say music soothes the savage beast. It also soothes the nervous ferret! Opt for cheerful or relaxing songs. Your cute pet may even ‘dance’ with you a little bit!


Treats can go a long way in winning an animal’s trust. Ferrets are no exception. Just be sure to stick with safe options. These guys have quite sensitive digestive systems! Ask your vet for specific tips.


You don’t want to force your furry pal to snuggle with you. However, once your new pet feels safe, cuddles will help strengthen that special bond. One thing you can try is getting a sweatshirt with a front pocket, and letting your ferret snuggle up in it as you are relaxing or watching TV. You can also try laying on the floor.

Talk To Your Ferret

We’re not sure how much of our language ferrets comprehend, but they do understand and appreciate when we communicate. They are also great listeners! Talk to your tiny pal. Say things like hello, good morning, are you hungry, good night.

Know When It’s Working

How do you tell if a ferret is happy? They may chirp a little bit, or decide they want to snuggle with you. As your local Burlington, ON animal clinic, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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