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Tips For Choosing An Exotic Pet

May 1, 2022
Are you interested in getting a pet that’s a bit unique, such as a Chinchilla, ferret, or sugar glider? Exotic pets can be very appealing: they’re fascinating to watch, and can be a fun way to express yourself. However, many exotics are quite fragile, and have specific care needs. You’ll need to think carefully before adopting one! A Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on choosing exotic pets below.

Consider Habitat Needs

Some exotic pets have very specific environmental requirements. With reptiles, for instance, you need to keep their habitats within set ranges for temperature, light, and/or humidity. This can raise your power bill, which is something to consider. You’ll also need to carefully monitor the conditions.


Another thing you’ll need to consider is diet. Some exotics eat things like bugs and worms, which could be dealbreakers for anyone with a weak stomach. Others need fresh produce. Cost and convenience also factor in. You probably won’t be able to grab pet food at the convenience store down the street.


Don’t just fall for that adorable face in the pet store! It’s important to know what kind of care your pet will need, and any potential downfalls to adopting them. Do plenty of research, and ask your vet for care information.


Some of our animal companions do just fine by themselves. Others get very sad and lonely without any buddies to keep them company. Find out if your potential pet would be okay living alone, or if you should get more than one.

Consider Other Pets

Many people have multi-pet households. There’s no reason you can’t have an exotic and a cat or dog! However, you’ll need to keep your animal companions separated, so none of them get hurt.

Go Through A Breeder

Once you’ve decided on the type of exotic pet you want, start looking for a reputable store or breeder. You can also look at rescues. However, rehabilitating a sick animal may be a bit much for a first-time exotic owner.

Find A Good Vet

Having a good vet on your team can make a huge difference when it comes to caring for exotics. Look around our local area, and find out what your options are for the type of pet you’re interested in. As your Burlington, ON animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch care. Contact us anytime!

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