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Kittenproofing Tips

February 1, 2021

Has a bouncing ball of fur just joined your household? If so, your tiny furball has probably already melted her heart. However, even though little Fluffy may look cute and innocent, she’ll be at her most mischievous in the coming year. Read on as a local Burlington, ON vet offers some tips on kittenproofing.

Small Items

Your furry little friend will be very interested in practicing her hunting skills, and she may try playing with things that aren’t toys. Anything small or sharp is a hazard. This includes items like safety pins, tacks, needles, craft kit pieces, beads, and buttons, to name just a few.

Ropes And Cords

Our feline buddies tend to be fascinated by anything with dangling ropes or threads. These are serious choking hazards! Plus, your pet could get seriously injured if she were to pull a lamp down onto herself. Be careful with wand toys as well. Little Fluffy could get tangled up if she tries to play with these alone.


The average household contains quite a few things that are toxic to our feline pals. Chemicals, such as cleaning agents, drain uncloggers, dyes, paints, bleach, and varnishes, are all very dangerous. Lawn/garden products, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and rodenticides are also unsafe. Your kitten could get sick just by knocking something over, walking through the spill, and then licking her paws. Medicines are also a no-no. Keep both prescription and OTC meds out of paws’ reach.


Cats are very curious, and they love to explore their domains. Keep things like washers, dryers, and toilets closed when you aren’t using them. These can be extremely dangerous for a frisky furball!


Get into the habit of checking beneath chairs, cushions, and blankets before sitting down. Eventually, little Fluffy will grow big enough to make a fairly sizable lump, but when she’s small it can be very easy to miss her.


At this stage of their lives, kittens can fit through some very small holes. Make sure that your vents close securely. Also, block off holes behind furniture and cupboards.


Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties can choke or entangle playful pets, and they definitely aren’t safe to ingest. However, that won’t stop little Fluffy from trying to play with them. Keep these away from your little buddy.

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