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Tips For Organizing Your Pet’s Things

April 1, 2019

Do you find a pile of cat toys every time you move your couch? Are your pet’s belongings scattered throughout your home? Our furry pals fill our homes and hearts with love, but they also have a way of filling our houses with clutter. Read on for some tips from a Burlington, ON veterinarian on organizing your pet’s possessions.


Dedicate a specific cabinet just for your pet’s things. An attractive standalone cabinet is a great option for storing Fluffy and Fido’s food, treats, medicine, first-aid kit, and other supplies.

Walk Spot

Get a hanging coat rack, and dedicate it just to walking Fido. Hang your pup’s leash from one hook, and a cloth bag with waste baggies in it from another. You may also want to get a dog-walking jacket and keep that there as well. Keep the pockets filled with things you may need, such as gloves, a phone charger, spare keys, and a flashlight.

Baggie Hack

Are you always running around trying to find waste baggies? Wash a two-liter soda bottle, and then cut it in half. Take the half that was the top part, and hang it upside down, from a wall. Put a roll of waste baggies in it, and thread the bottom one through the mouth.


A wicker basket can make a great toy chest for your pet’s things. You may even be able to teach Fido to put his playthings away!


Litterboxes are convenient, but they definitely aren’t pleasant to smell or look at. Repurpose an old wicker chest, trunk, or enclosed end or coffee table by making it a litterbox holder. Cut doors into one side for Fluffy to use, and use the existing doors or lid for cleaning access.


Store your pet’s favorite snacks in an attractive cookie jar or vase. You can even customize it by painting paw prints or your furry friend’s name on it.


An ottoman with storage can be another great spot for storing your pet’s things. This works particularly well for doggy jackets!

Grooming Supplies

Get a shower caddy, and keep all of your pet’s grooming supplies in that. When it’s time to bathe your canine buddy, you’ll have everything you need in one spot … except for Fido, of course!

Please reach out to us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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