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Client Care Specialist
Alexandra picked out her first puppy when she was only three years old, and spent much of her spare time growing up researching everything she could find about animal health, nutrition, and healthcare. She’s been fascinated by veterinary medicine all her life! The older she got, the more she knew that she was destined to help animals professionally. Alexandra is now a proud member of Aldershot Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Alexandra grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, and attended summer camp at the local SPCA, even volunteering to provide support in the kennel as she got a little older. After working in a barn during high school, she took a job at a pet hotel in Stoney Creek, Ontario to further her experience in the world of animal care. Next, Alexandra decided to dive headfirst into the veterinary world and started volunteering at a few local clinics. When a positioned opened here at Aldershot Animal Hospital, she jumped at her chance! Alexandra has been a member of the clinic family since January of 2019.

Medically, Alexandra is interested in pet nutrition and loves to recommend great food products to the area’s pet owners. She’s also fond of dentistry work. Most of all, she loves to meet and greet the pets and animal parents of the area every single day.

Alexandra’s interests away from work include hiking, camping, and spending time with her own pets. She and her boyfriend, Nick, share their lives with four animal companions: Winnie, a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix who would spend all day on Alexandra’s lap if she could; a Chihuahua/Toy Fox Terrier mix named Lucy who is always ready for an adventure; Luna, a rescued cat who serves as the “mama” of the house; and a rescued cat named Moose who always finds ways to drive her sisters crazy.
Veterinary Technician
Wendy has been involved with the care of horses for many years, and started riding when she was only a young girl. She always knew that she would love to work hands-on to better the lives of pets! Now, Wendy has been helping the area’s animal companions and pet owners here at Aldershot Animal Hospital for more than 23 years!

Wendy is originally from Toronto and worked in a boarding stable for a time before deciding to take the leap into veterinary care. She started here at the clinic as a part-time Kennel Assistant in June of 1996, and has been working her way forward ever since! Wendy has formed close relationships with the area’s clients and pets over the years, and nothing beats getting to see young pets grow into happy, healthy adults as time goes by. She also likes that no two days are ever quite same—Wendy finds that she’s constantly kept on her toes.

Away from the office, Wendy likes spending time outdoors and enjoying the company of her family and pets at home. She and her husband have a son and daughter, and Wendy is a proud grandmother and great-grandmother as well! She has one dog of her own, Dolce.
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