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Caring For A Blind Cat

November 15, 2023

Cats have strikingly beautiful eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes those stunning peepers don’t work as well as they should. Blindness can affect any kitty, though it’s more common in some breeds. The Abyssinian, Somali, and Ocicat are particularly susceptible to losing their vision. Blind kitties can still lead long, happy lives, though they will need some extra TLC. A Burlington, ON vet discusses caring for a blind cat below.


Fluffy can lose her vision for many reasons, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment or degeneration, tumors, infections, and injury. In some cases, these changes happen quickly. However, in other cases, that vision loss develops over time. If your feline pal has lost her eyesight or is in the process of losing it, you may want to confine her to a safe, petproofed room or area to let her adjust. Don’t isolate her: you can use a baby gate instead of closing the door. Cats are very resilient. Your furry pal will form a mental map of her surroundings. Once she’s adjusted, you can expand her area.

How Do You Care For A Blind Cat?

Fluffy’s safety should be the first and biggest concern. Hopefully this goes without saying, but blind cats should never be allowed outside. Petproofing is also a must. Aside from that, just make sure your place is set up to be as comfortable and familiar for your feline friend as possible. Avoid rearranging furniture, and try not to leave things on the ground where your kitty could trip on them. Setting out carpet runners and scent markers will help your pet find her way around. It may also be helpful to get a fountain: the sound of running water will help your furball find her bowls.

Keeping Kitty Happy

Love is the secret ingredient to any kitty care regimen. Keep that motor going! Talking to your furry friend and gently petting her will make her feel safe. Just don’t sneak up on her: that’s a huge pet peeve with blind pets. Make a noise to get Fluffy’s attention before touching her. When you leave your feline buddy home alone, turn a radio on for her.

How Do You Keep A Blind Cat Active?

Just like any other kitty, Fluffy needs entertainment and stimulation, and will benefit both mentally and physically from play. Use toys that make noise, such as a squeaky mouse.

Please contact us with questions about your pet’s health or care. As your local Burlington, ON animal clinic, we’re here for you.

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