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Taking A Senior Cat To The Vet

October 1, 2023

Does your kitty meow all the way into the clinic? If so, she’s in good company: most of our feline friends would rather stay home and take another nap than visit us. However, Fluffy will be much healthier—and therefore happier—with proper care. Just like people, she will benefit from more frequent appointments as she ages. Read on as a Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on bringing a senior cat in.

Be Cautious With Transport

Older animals are quite fragile, and they can get very stiff and sore. Even being picked up and held can be uncomfortable for them. Be extra gentle when handling your feline buddy. Make sure that your kitty’s carrier has comfy bedding. If it’s hot or cold, get the car to a comfortable temperature before bringing her out.

Be Gentle

For some older cats, even being picked up or held can be uncomfortable. Be very gentle with your furry friend, especially when picking her up or putting her down.

Document Anything Unusual

Keep a close eye out for signs of illness or injury. These include things like change of appetite, skin problems, respiratory issues, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and fever. You may also notice behavioral issues, such as withdrawal, confusion, changes in vocalizations, or clinginess. Sometimes even minor changes in a kitty’s normal behavior or appearance can be indicative of a medical issue. Pay close attention to anything that seems odd. That includes small things, such as Fluffy becoming less playful or drinking more water. Contact your vet right away if you notice anything off.   

Update Schedule Accordingly

Fluffy will need to come in more often as she ages. The general recommendation is for senior pets to come in every six months. However, if your feline buddy develops any medical conditions that need monitoring, she may need more frequent appointments. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.

Time It Right

For an older pet, aim for a time when the clinic isn’t usually at full capacity. This may vary depending on what animal hospital you go to. There is of course no way to predict emergencies. That said, it won’t hurt to ask when you make the appointment.

Purr Activation

Fluffy may not be happy about her appointment, but she’ll shake it off pretty quickly once you get her back home. A new toy or treat will get that motor going again!

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Burlington, ON animal hospital, today!

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