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Mud Season With Dogs

March 15, 2023

Does your canine pal love to splash around in puddles? Fido’s exuberant joy is always cute, and he keeps us smiling with his playful antics. However, his love of splashing around in mud puddles isn’t his most beloved trait. A local Burlington, ON vet offers some tips on getting through the spring melt with Fido in this article. 

Roll Out The Welcome Mat 

Put a thick mat in front of the door that you and your furry friend go in and out of. Bath mats work well for this, as they are absorbent enough to hold water. Plus, the fibers can help get your pup’s feet clean. 

Wipe Them Down

Teach Fido that he’ll get a yummy treat for handing you his furry foot. Then, get into the habit of quickly wiping his paws down before you bring him in. Keep a spray bottle of water and some old rags by the door. You may even be able to teach him to wipe his paws on a mat.


There actually are paw-cleaning gadgets you can get for your canine companion. Of course, how efficient these are will depend in large part on how willing your pooch is. The key is to work with your pup, rather than against him. Treats can go a long way here, but it’s not something you want to force. 

Hose Down

Many of our canine buddies love rolling around in mud puddles. Unfortunately, there aren’t any hacks or shortcuts for getting Fido clean again if he’s absolutely covered. Your best bet is to just hose him down. 


Furniture covers are another tool you’ll want to have in your arsenal. Choose ones that are durable and easy to toss into the wash. If you like to take Fido out and about with you, put a blanket or pad down in the car as well. 


Mud season and shedding season go hand in hand, or rather, hand in paw. Even pups that don’t usually shed a lot will likely be losing a bit more fur than they normally do. You’ll likely need to brush Fido a bit more than usual at this time of year. Take your furry best friend outside to brush him, so the extra fur will just blow away. 

Do you have questions about caring for your pet? Contact us, your local Burlington, ON pet hospital, today! 

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