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Helping Your Kitten Settle in

January 15, 2023

Have you recently adopted a kitten? If so, you’re in for a pretty adorable year. Kittens may be small, but they definitely keep us on our toes, particularly during their adorable toddler phase. A local Burlington, ON vet offers some advice on helping little Fluffy get settled in this article.

Offer A Quiet Spot

Going to a forever home is a big change for kittens. Your tiny little pet will need a few days to settle in and plot her takeover. Start her out in a safe, comfy spot, such as a quiet back room, so she can relax and get her bearings. This is especially important if you have a large place and/or other pets. 

Petproof Everything

Never underestimate little Fluffy’s capacity for getting into, well, everything. You’ll need to remove or secure anything that isn’t safe for your feline buddy. That includes small/sharp objects, anything with ropes and cords, plastic bags and ties, chemicals, and medicine. We also recommend keeping major appliances, like dryers and toilets, closed, and sealing off openings between and beneath furniture or cabinets. Ask your vet for specific advice.  

Talk To Your Vet

Your pint-sized pet’s adorable toddler stage won’t last very long, but you will need to offer extra care at this crucial time. Kittens are very small and very fragile! One of the first things on your schedule should be a trip to the vet. Exams, vaccines, parasite control, and spay/neuter surgery are all on the agenda! This is also a ‘purrfect’ chance to get some specific care tips.

Lay The Rules Down

Consistency is very important! If you don’t want little Fluffy jumping on the table, be clear about that from the start. We also recommend keeping your feline pal safe and sound indoors.

Build Trust

Although we often poke fun at cats for being cold and aloof, kitties actually get very attached to their humans. Of course, that relationship must be built on love and trust. Pay lots of attention to your little furball. Talk to your kitten, play with her, and let her snooze on your lap. It’s probably safe to say that little Fluffy will have you wrapped around those tiny paws in no time!

Please reach out to us, your Burlington, ON pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care. We’re here to help! 

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