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2023 Resolutions For People With Exotic Pets

January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a great time to revisit not only your personal goals, but also your pet’s care regimen. If you have a dog or cat, you may decide to finish Fido’s training, or perhaps give Fluffy more boxes. But what about other pets? A local Burlington, ON vet suggests some resolutions for people with exotic pets in this article.

Learn Something New

There’s always something more to learn about our animal companions. Do some research about your specific type of pet.  Subscribe to some magazine, blogs, or vlogs, or pick up a great reference book. You can never know too much! 

Monitor Conditions

Most exotics need specific environmental conditions, which need to be closely monitored. Consider investing in better heating/lighting equipment.

Offer Upgrade

Most exotic pets spend a lot of time in their habitats. Make sure your pet is comfortable in his home. This may be a good time to start saving for something bigger and/or better, especially if your pet is still growing.

Buy Responsibly

Many people who like exotic pets end up with more than one. However, if you decide to adopt more animals, be sure to buy from reputable stores or breeders. Unfortunately, there is still a thriving trade in illegal and/or rare exotics.

Get A Great Vet

It’s important for all pet owners to have a great vet on their team. Finding a good vet with experience treating exotics is crucial. This is also a great resource for things like food and environmental needs.

Become An Ambassador

Many wild animals are very vulnerable to threats from things like pollution and climate change. With more and more species under threat of extinction each year, the situation has grown dire. There are ways you can help, either by volunteering, donating to wildlife protection organizations that help exotic animals, or just spreading awareness. Those are all great goals! 

Spend Time Together

While exotic pets may not be as playful or cuddly as dogs and cats, they do have distinct personalities. Many also enjoy spending time with their humans. You may also find that just watching your animal companion is quite relaxing. Spend some quality time with your little pal every day.

Do you have questions about your exotic pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Burlington, ON animal clinic, anytime!

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