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Keeping a Kitten Safe

January 15, 2022

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Congratulations! You’re going to be in for some pretty cute moments over the next year or so. Of course, you’re also in for some pet parenting. It may be difficult just keeping your tiny feline out of mischief! A Burlington, ON vet discusses keeping a kitten safe below.

Small Objects

Little Fluffy is going to spend a pretty sizable chunk of that first year trying to figure out what she can and can’t eat or play with. Small items, such as lighters, pen caps, and jewelry, are often prime targets. Unfortunately, most of these things just aren’t safe for cats. 


Kitties are instinctively driven to want to bat at strings and cords. This poses a serious choking and entanglement risk. Plus, you definitely don’t want your furball chewing on a live wire!


The average household contains many things that aren’t safe for cats, including medicine, chemicals, pesticides, cleaning agents, and automotive products, just to name a few. Little Fluffy can easily ingest these, even by just walking through a puddle and licking her paws!


Many plants are also unsafe. Unfortunately, that won’t stop your furry buddy from trying to eat them. Check the ASPCA website here for a full directory of safe and unsafe options.


Plastics are definitely not safe toys for cats. Unfortunately, many kitties seem to really like the taste or texture of plastic wraps and ties. Keep these out of paws’ reach!


Your feline friend will be able to fit into some very small holes. Block off spaces behind and beneath furniture and cabinets. You’ll also want to keep major appliances, like washers and dryers and toilets, closed when they aren’t in use.


Little Fluffy is very curious and playful, and she’ll want to explore and conquer, well, everything. Go ahead and let her explore the safer areas of your home, but don’t let her outside.

Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is a must! Kittens are very fragile, and they are highly susceptible to illness, injury, and disease. Little Fluffy will need her initial exams and vaccines, as well as parasite control, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

As your local Burlington, ON veterinary clinic, we love seeing our feline patients grow from tiny kittens into happy, healthy adult cats. Call us anytime! 

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