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Holiday Gifts For Dogs

December 1, 2021

Season’s Greetings! The holiday shopping madness has officially begun. As you search for the perfect presents for your loved ones, don’t forget to get something for Fido. After all, he has been a very good boy! Here, a Burlington, ON vet lists some things that are bound to get that cute tail wagging.


Treats are probably the quintessential holiday gift for Man’s Best Friend. It is a holiday, so you can spoil your four-legged friend a bit. However, you’d generally want to stick with healthy options. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Fido is the absolute epitome of joy when he is happily bounding after a ball or stick. Fill your furry buddy’s stocking with lots of fun playthings! Just be sure to pick things that are the right size for your pup.


Good beds are one of life’s little luxuries, for both people and pets. Orthopedic beds are a great bet for older pooches and large breeds! Smaller dogs may prefer beds with raised sides.

Grooming Supplies

Fido won’t get adorably excited over a new brush or a pair of clippers as he would with a toy, but that’s okay. He’ll both look and feel better with proper beauty care! Paw balm and dental products are also good options.


If you have a pup with a thick coat, such as a husky, you can probably skip this one. However, pooches with thin fur often need some help staying warm. A comfy jacket or sweater can keep Fido cozy on those frigid days.


The modern world hasn’t left our canine companions behind in the slew of inventions we’ve seen in the last few decades. You can get a gadget that will let you play with your pet remotely, using a camera, app, and laser pointer. A collar or tag with GPS tracking may be a good idea for people with adventurous pups. Fido may also like a doggy fountain or an automated ball launcher.


Chewing is a natural behavior to Fido, and one that is actually quite beneficial for him. However, there are a few caveats here. Rawhide and pig ears are very popular with dogs, but aggressive chewers can bite off large chunks, which can cause choking or blockages. Ask your vet for advice on these.

Happy Holidays from Aldershot Animal Hospital, your Burlington, ON animal clinic. Contact us anytime!

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