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How To Spoil A Hamster

September 1, 2021

Are you considering getting a hamster? Perhaps you’ve been charmed by pictures of these adorable little furballs, or maybe you’re just looking for a small, loveable pet. Hammie is a great little animal companion, Of course, just like any other pet, he needs love and great TLC to thrive. Here, an Aldershot, ON vet offers some advice on how to spoil little Hammy.

Comfy Cage

Hammie will spend most of his time in his habitat, so it’s important to make sure that it’s comfortable for him. You’ll need to add a good bedding and substrate. Aspen and tissue paper are fine. Avoid anything made from pine or cedar, as these are toxic to small pets. Your pint-sized pal will also need a hidey-hole and a water bottle. An exercise wheel is also a good thing. Just get a solid one: the wire ones aren’t really safe.


Like many small pets, hamsters like exploring mazes. Be sure to choose one that is big enough for your pint-sized pal. You don’t want Hammie getting stuck!


Does Hammie seem curious and bold? If so, he may like a runabout, or exercise wheel. Be sure to get one that’s the right size, and don’t let him roll around near stairs, pools, or other hazards.

Real Estate

Choosing the right spot for your hamster’s cage is also very important. If you have a dog or cat, or both, don’t put Hammy on the floor. He’ll get pretty scared with Fido and Fluffy staring in at him! Ideally, you’ll want a spot where your pet can see and hear you, but isn’t in the middle of the household commotion.


Just like any other pet, hamsters love treats. You’ll have to be a bit careful here, so you don’t inadvertently overfeed your pet. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Hamsters need to chew to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Provide your little buddy with lots of playthings, especially ones he can nibble on.


Even tiny pets are happier when they feel loved! Hamsters can be timid, so you’ll need to be very gentle with Hammie. However, your pet may become comfortable enough to fall asleep in your hand. We probably don’t have to point out how cute and heartwarming this is.

Do you want to learn more about hamster care? Contact us, your Aldershot, ON animal hospital, today!

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