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Taking Pet Photos

August 15, 2021

World Photo Day is August 19th! Our animal companions are very photogenic, and they take some super cute pictures! Of course, they also have a way of looking extra adorable, and then moving as soon as you get your camera. A local Burlington, ON vet offers a few tips on taking great pet photos in this article.

Camera Settings

Choosing the right camera setting is half the battle. For taking photos of tiny animals, or perhaps just one of Fluffy’s paws, try the macro setting. If you want to snap your dog while he’s chasing a ball, opt for a fast shutter speed.


If you have a black cat, you may have fun taking some ‘void kitty’ photos, where only Fluffy’s eyes show. Otherwise, you’ll want to pay attention to contrast. Choose a background that contrasts with your pet’s fur. You won’t really get a great picture of a white dog against a snowbank!

Attention Grabbers

Have you noticed that your dog can wake from a dead sleep at the sound of a cheese wrapper opening? Use this to your advantage. Making chirpy or silly noises can help get your pet’s attention. This is one reason you may want to consider using apps made for taking pictures of animals. Many of them do make sounds that will cause Fido and Fluffy to look that way.


Another thing you may want to try is getting down on the ground, and trying to shoot your photos from your pet’s eye level. Or, go the opposite route, and look straight down at them. If you’re taking a picture of a pet in a tank or terrarium, angle your camera down. This helps reduce glare and reflections from the flash.


Sunlight naturally gets a golden hue at dusk and dawn. If you can, snap some pictures at this time, so you can make the best of that natural glow.


The average smartphone now comes equipped with many different filters, and has built-in tools that help crop photos. Use these to your advantage! Play around with different ratios and hues. You may find that the casual picture you took of your cat looking out the window looks amazing in sepia, or that fun shot of Fido jumping after a ball is adorable as a sketch!

As your Burlington, ON animal clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime! 

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