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Pet Memorial Ideas

June 1, 2021

World Pet Memorial Day is June 9th. Losing a pet is a very sad and difficult experience. It can be really hard to say goodbye to a beloved furry friend. It also takes time to adjust to the fact that your little buddy won’t be there to greet you when you get home. However, there are some ways to keep your cherished pet’s memory alive. A Burlington, ON vet lists some good ones below.

 Garden Options

Plants make wonderful living memorials. If you have room, put in a small memorial garden for your friend. If you’re tight on space, opt for a houseplant, potted tree, or an enclosed globe ecosystem on a custom base.

Memorial Stones

Consider getting a customized memorial stone. There are companies that specialize in these, and many of them make really beautiful pieces. Or, paint a planter in your pet’s honor. Add their name, life dates, and perhaps some pawprints.


Chances are, you probably have some great pictures of your pet. Hire a local artist to turn your favorite into a sketch, watercolor, or portrait. Or, use various editing apps to enhance the original. Print and frame the final result. You may want to use a shadowbox frame, so you can include things like your pet’s collar, lights, and/or accent pieces.


A scrapbook is another way to collect and gather keepsakes and memories. You can include things like art, photos, adoption records, and collars. If you like, you can even write about some cherished memories.


A collage is a simple but attractive way to honor your lost companion. You can also take this idea into the modern age by getting a digital picture frame.


While your pet may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, there are still many sweet dogs and cats in shelters that desperately need loving homes. Consider making a donation to a local shelter in your pet’s name.

Adopt Another Pet

This one may not technically be a memorial, but it’s still a great way to honor your pet. We know no other animal can truly replace your lost companion. However, another pet can help fill that empty spot, and bring that special bond of love back into your life.

If you’ve recently lost an animal companion, please accept our sincerest condolences. All of us here at Aldershot Animal Hospital know how hard this can be.

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