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Gardening With Fido

May 1, 2021

Summer is on the way! Although we still have some time before the warm season officially starts, gardeners are already hard at work. Dogs can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to gardens. On the one hand, you have an adorable work buddy who can keep you company—and keep you smiling—as you care for your plants. However, Fido has been known to dig up some beds. A local Burlington, ON vet discusses gardening with Man’s Best Bud in this article.

Section It Up

Consider dividing your yard up into sections. Set aside one area for your pooch, and dedicate another part for gardening. Be creative when choosing borders. Fences are great, but you can also use logs, low stone walls, raised beds, potted plants, statues, benches, or even thick shrubs.

Time It Right

Before heading out to the garden, take time to walk and play with Fido. Dogs are always less prone to mischief when they’re tired.

Bribe Th  e Pup

We’re not discounting the importance of training and discipline. However, there’s no reason you can’t sweeten the deal a bit for Fido. Add some ‘pupgrades’ to make your yard more dog-friendly. Your canine buddy will definitely enjoy a kiddie pool, pet fountain, sandbox, or doghouse!

Choose Safe Options

Toxic plants are a huge safety hazard for pups. Check the ASPCA site here for a full list. You may notice that some gardeners’ favorites, such as tomatoes are considered unsafe, mostly due to their leaves. You don’t have to forego them entirely: just keep Fido away from them. Fence them off, or get a small greenhouse. Keep in mind that some plants which are listed as safe can still be dangerous. Roses are a good example. They aren’t toxic, but pets can still injure himself on the thorns. Also, avoid putting sharp plants at your pup’s eye level.


Composting can both reduce waste and make your plants happy. You can toss Fido’s leftovers into your compost bin. Speaking of waste, you’ve likely heard that cow manure is great for gardens. Dog manure? Not so much. Your flowers probably wouldn’t mind, but it’s definitely not safe for anything you’re planning to eat. Don’t give Fido free reign here, and clean up any messes right away.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Call us, your local Burlington, ON veterinary clinic, today!

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