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6 Pawesome Reasons to Appreciate Dog Biscuits

February 15, 2021

Did you know that February 23rd is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? While it’s probably safe to say that dog biscuits are appreciated every day, we are more than happy to shine the Spot light on Fido’s favorite snack. A local Burlington, ON vet lists some reasons to be grateful for dog biscuits below.

Training Aids

One of the most important benefits of giving Fido treats is to help reinforce training. Positive reinforcement is always a much better option than negative. When you give your canine buddy a tangible reward, like a yummy snack, for performing the desired behavior, you’re really helping to shape his impressions. This is super important when it comes to teaching your cute pet how to be a Good Boy!


Proper training is a must for our canine pals. However, less formal training also has its place. Do you have a hard time getting Fido to give you his paw for nail clippings? Teach him that he’ll get a yummy snack for letting you handle his furry foot. Does your pooch run and hide when he hears the word Bath ? Call him into the tub, and then give him a biscuit.


Another good thing about dog biscuits? They can help keep your furry friend’s teeth healthy. Give Fido some dental-formula chews on occasion. These will help fight plaque and tartar. 


Biscuits also come in handy when you are forming a friendship with a new pup, or trying to soothe a nervous one. You may have heard the old saying about how the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This actually also applies to Man’s Best Friend!


While it’s probably safe to say that Fido likes all treats, some are better than others. Choose healthy snacks for your furry best friend. Your vet can give you advice on this.

Mood Boosters

Last but certainly not least, dog biscuits are a great way for you to brighten up Fido’s day, and just get that cute tail going. It feels wonderful to do something kind for others. Even just doing something as little as giving a cute pup a treat can help lift your mood. Tail wags always brighten a bad day!

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet, with questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help! 

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