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6 Key Facets of Responsible Pet Ownership

February 1, 2020

February is Responsible Pet Ownership Month! Pets are important parts of our lives and families. However, it’s very easy to overlook important aspects of your furry friend’s health and care. Here, a Burlington, ON vet lists some key facets of being a responsible pet owner.

Good Food

A good diet is the first and most essential cornerstone of your pet’s care regimen. Choosing the right brand for your furry buddy can be tricky. Do some research, and ask your vet for recommendations.


Dogs and cats are very playful and adventurous, which is one reason they’re so much fun. However, Fluffy and Fido both have a habit of getting into mischief. Petproofing is a great safeguard against these shenanigans! We also recommend keeping cats indoors. As for Fido, he should obey basic doggy obedience commands.

Proper Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care will go a long way towards keeping your furry friend healthy. Regular exams will greatly increase the chances of any concerning changes in your pet’s health being caught early. Vaccinations and parasite control are also important, as they protect your four-legged pal from dangerous viruses and diseases. We also recommend that dogs and cats be microchipped and spayed or neutered. Healthy pets are happy pets!


Cats are pretty clean, and will generally take care of their own fur. However, some kitties do need a helping hand with their beauty regimens. Dogs, on the other hand, definitely need some help in this department. Keep up with your pet’s grooming needs!

Dental Care

Dental issues are extremely widespread in our furry patients, and are just as painful and problematic for them as they are for us. Unfortunately, many people inadvertently overlook this crucial aspect of their pets’ care regimen. Ask your vet for specific advice on caring for your pet’s teeth.


Your pet’s emotional and mental health are also very important. Pets need lots of love and attention, as well as enrichment and entertainment. Offer your four-legged friend lots of toys, and play with them regularly. Also, just spend time with your pet every day, and make sure that they feel loved. The bonds we form with our animal friends are both strong and special, but they need to be nurtured.

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here for you!

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