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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 15, 2020

January 22 nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline pals are notoriously curious, and love to stick their cute little noses into, well, pretty much everything. Fluffy’s inquisitive nature has definitely gotten her into some shenanigans! If your furball could ask about her most pressing questions, what do you think she would want to know? A Burlington, ON vet offers some suggestions in this article.

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Cats may be cute and cuddly, but they are predators at heart, and are instinctively driven to want to pounce on things. However, Fluffy doesn’t know what is and isn’t safe for her. Sooner or later, you’ll take something away from your kitty, and get a ‘purrplexed,’ affronted look—and perhaps a meow of protest—in return.

What’s In There?

Kitties always want to know what’s going on in their domains. If you bring home a box, open a cupboard that’s usually closed, or pull something out of the closet, your furball will immediately want to investigate it!

Why Do I Have To Go In The Car?

Dogs and cats disagree on quite a few things, but car rides are definitely something they have opposite opinions on. Most of our feline patients absolutely hate going for drives! However, proper veterinary care is very important, so visiting us is definitely in Fluffy’s best interest.

Why Is My Breakfast Late?

Kitties take breakfast very, very seriously. Fluffy may wake you up by nudging you, pawing you, or just meowing at you if you’re late with her morning meal!

Why Can’t You Grasp Quantum Physics?

Our feline buddies are full of quirks and paradoxes. They also tend to be rather smug about themselves. Fluffy may very well be wondering why you don’t understand string theory!

Why Can’t I Sleep There?

If we know one thing for sure about kitties, it’s that they’re very, very tired. Fluffy can sleep pretty much anywhere. She may want to know why you moved her off your book or computer mid-nap.

What Are You Doing?

Cats like to keep a close eye on their humans. Fluffy will always want to know what you are up to. She may even follow you from room to room, just to keep you in sight.

As your Burlington, ON vet clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your inquisitive feline healthy. Please contact us anytime!

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