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Buying Clothes for Fido

August 1, 2019

Ontario isn’t exactly known for having balmy winters. While some dogs, like huskies, love the cold, other pups are just not well suited for winter. The cold can be just as hard on our canine pals as it is for us! If your pooch has thin fur, he’ll probably need a jacket or sweater for those frigid days. A Burlington, ON vet offers tips on shopping for your furry best friend in this article.


Make sure to choose clothes that are the right size. If Fido’s clothes are too tight, they’ll be uncomfortable and restrictive. If they’re too loose, he could trip or get tangled up in them. Your pet’s outfits should never interfere with his vision or movements. We recommend taking your dog’s measurements, and keeping them with you. (Tip: download a notebook phone app, and dedicate one book to Fido.) You’ll want to measure the width and length of your canine friend’s chest, the distance from his neck to his tail, his height at shoulder and hips, and the circumference of his torso.


Comfort and safety should come first when shopping for your pup. Avoid anything that could be hot, tight, or itchy. Don’t buy your pooch clothes with small parts, such as buttons. These can be dangerous, as Fido could try to eat them and choke. We also recommend skipping the zippers, as they can catch in your pet’s fur. Ouch! Last but not least, get your dog a few different outfits: one for rain, one for chilly weather, and one for very cold days.


Dogs all have their own personalities. Clothes are a great way to let Fido’s character shine through! If you like sports, get your furry buddy a jersey from your favorite team. A spoiled ‘princess’ dog may look adorable in something pink and sparkly, while a big bulldog may look quite dapper in a plaid vest.


Before you buy something, check the label for care instructions. Unless you don’t mind taking Fido’s things to a dry cleaner, make sure it’s machine-washable.

Fido’s Opinion

Let your canine buddy have a say in his wardrobe. Some dogs just don’t like wearing clothes! If your pooch seems scared or uncomfortable in his outfit, don’t force him to wear it.

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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