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DIY Pocket Pet Toys

November 15, 2018

Do you have a bunny, gerbil, mouse, hamster, or Guinea pig? If so, you’ll need to provide your tiny buddy with lots of chew toys. These pint-sized pets have open-rooted teeth, which never stop growing. They can develop some very painful dental issues if they don’t chew enough. Luckily, this doesn’t have to cost you very much. You can make some really cute pet toys out of ordinary household items. Below, an Aldershot, ON vet lists some simple DIY toys you can make for pocket pets.


Crumple up a sheet of plain paper around a yummy snack for your pet. To make this even more entertaining, make several of these paper balls, and then fill a paper lunch bag or a shoebox with them. Shredded paper can also be lots of fun for these smaller pets. Put some in a tissue box or paper bag. You can also just cut plain paper up into shapes for your pet. This is a great project for kids!


Cardboard is safe for pets to chew on. The tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls can be turned into a variety of fun toys. Cut one up into rings, and then make a little ball out of the rings. Or, stack several into a pyramid shape. You can also fill them with grass hay or herbs, or fold them into little envelopes.

Wood and Wicker

Many wooden items can make great chew toys. Children’s blocks, wooden spoons and shapes, and other small items are typically fine. There are some caveats here, however. Don’t give your pet anything that is covered in varnish, stain, paint, dye, or glitter. Items with small parts, dangling threads, or sharp edges are also unsafe. Last but not least, stick to safe woods. Avoid giving your little pal pine or cedar.


Most of these adorable furballs love to explore tunnels and mazes. You can make them out of shoeboxes, the cardboard boxes that beverages come in, or PVC pipe. Paper mache is another option, though if you go this route you’ll want to be sure to use non-toxic flour-and-water glue. Make sure to make the tunnels big enough so your miniature furball can’t get stuck in it!

Please reach out to us, your Aldershot, ON vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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