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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

November 1, 2018

Did you know that dogs can suffer from allergies? Fido can be allergic to many different things, such as dust, mold, plants, trees, pollen, fleas, materials, or foods. Dogs can develop allergies at any time in their lives, so your pup can actually develop allergies to things that didn’t bother him when he was younger. Read on as a Burlington, ON vet lists some common signs of allergies in dogs.


Itchiness is one of the most common signs of doggy allergies. Fido may bite or chew himself to soothe those itches. He may rub his head or face against something—or even against you. He might also paw at his ears or face.


Allergies often cause similar symptoms in dogs as they do in people. Sneezing is one of the common ones.

Tummy Troubles

Vomiting and diarrhea can also be caused by allergens. These things are common with food allergies. Dogs with allergies may also be, well, a bit gassy. It’s worth nothing that while the occasional upset stomach may not be anything unusual, it’s always best to play it safe. Check with your vet if Fido isn’t digesting his food properly.

Ear Infections

Does your canine buddy have stubborn ear infections that go away during treatment only to recur as soon as you stop the treatments? Allergies may very well be the culprit!

Red, Runny Eyes

Allergies can cause your four-legged friend’s eyes to look watery and red. If Fido often looks like he is crying, he may have allergies.


Does your furry friend sound like he’s sawing logs when he sleeps? We know, this is cute to watch, but unfortunately, it can be a red flag that your pet has health issues, such as allergies.


If you know or suspect your furry pal has allergies, take him to your vet for tests. Once your vet has determined what your pup is reacting to, you’ll be able to discuss treatment options, which may range from medication to special diets. Your vet will also be able to offer you advice on caring for Fido at home. Sometimes small things—like limiting Fido’s outdoor time when pollen counts are high, or wiping his paws when you bring him in—can make a huge difference.

Please contact us, your Burlington, ON pet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care.

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